Dr Niu

Dr Niu believes the best and fastest outcome is achieved through the Patient-Doctor-Allied Health Therapist Partnership. We recommend that you, as the patient, takes control of your own care and helps to direct your healthcare providers in the best way to help you. After all, the only expert in you is “YOU”. 

To facilitate timely communication, Dr Niu’s detailed consultation letter will be sent to your GP within 3-5 working days with the details of your consultation and his recommended treatment plan. 

If this plan also involves your physiotherapist, Dr Niu will personally liaise with them to finesse the subtleties and the key points of your treatment plan. Too often, key messages in your care is lost in the letters that floats between practioners, we invite you to let us know if at any point, you are uncertain with your progress and our communications. 

Should surgery be recommended for you, be rest assured that we will be with you every step of your journey until your recovery. Following your consultation, our team will contact you with the next steps.